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Dyster can't fix Falls, solves Libya

Niagara Falls Repoerter

April 05, 2011

Analysis by Frank Parlato Jr.

The day to day scramble to fill news space on television stations is a rugged test fit only for the heartiest news-chasing souls.

Perhaps it was in that frenzied state of "how do we fill the half hour," that Channel 2 sent out reporters to track down Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster on March 28 to get his take on the crisis currently playing out in Libya.

Their thinking, perhaps, was that "Mayor Dyster allegedly was an international arms negotiator in the late '80s, so he must have something worthwhile to say about Muammar Gaddafi and the Lockerbie bombing."

They dutifully stuck the microphone in the Mayor's sallow face and talk-away he did.

As we watched, it struck us as simply astounding that this man could, with a straight face, weigh-in on such heady matters as international terrorism and Middle East war.

What the hell was he doing, talking about something he knows so little about when he:

  • Can't solve the lack of development downtown
  • Presides over a city with a crime rate that's booming.
  • Ditto for the city's poverty rate
  • Refuses to "negotiate" with NFR, One Niagara, Joe Anderson and other major stakeholders downtown who have not donated to his campaign.
  • Has no clue on how to renegotiate the Seneca compact that has stolen the wealth of this city and in fact thinks the tax free and business preferences given to Seneca over Americans is a good thing for Niagara Falls.
  • Can't get control of wasteful spending (eg. courthouse, consultants, Buffalo campaign contributors).
  • Failed to see the potential, indeed tried to thwart the development of our airport (yet now takes credit for it) yet promotes a $50,000,000 train station.
  • Insists on funding the Underground Railroad boondoggle, based, as much of it is, on purely bogus "history."
  • Does a shady deal with anonymous Buffalo interests to create a cash slush fund to rival that of Richard Nixon while claiming he does not know who funded this so-called "anonymous" fund.
  • Calls local people corrupt and unfit for top positions in his administration, yet hires misfits and nondescripts like Donna Owens, from Atlanta, Peter Kay, from Ohio, Ali Marzban, from Iran and Roger Melchior, from Florida.
  • Ignores the dilapidated city housing that begs for demolition.
  • Raises taxes while he increases cash giveaways to friends and supporters mainly from Buffalo.

For the record, Channel 2 provides, in our opinion, solid and oftentimes stellar news coverage, but, in this one particular instance, perhaps the good reporters and editors there might have benefited from a slight reading of the Reporter story of March 22, where we revealed that Mayor Paul A. Dyster, contrary to his own braggadocio, apparently was no arms negotiator during the START talks with the Soviets or at any other time.

He was, however, as we reported, a state department worker in 1989, employed as a "Principal Bureau officer" whose duties, according to the job description in the state department manual, was to run the cafeteria and food service and stock the vending machines while the START negotiations were taking place.

That might be a good story for Channel 2.

Meanwhile, Libya, Mayor? How about solving Main Street and the downtown?



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