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Being under investigation might be a good thing

Niagara Falls Repoerter

January 10, 2012

From the publisher Frank Parlato Jr.

I found out last week that there is a pretty good chance that I am "under investigation" by the FBI and IRS -- two combinations of pretty powerful-sounding letters.

This is something that usually strikes fear in everyone's heart, especially the guy being investigated. My reaction, however, to this interesting news was just the opposite. I was almost somewhat happy about it.

Unlike some people, I believe the FBI and the IRS, when they investigate, are looking for the truth. They are investigating to see if there is wrongdoing. They may even strongly suspect there is.

But I do not believe they are motivated to lie, cheat, slant or make up stories to prove someone guilty if they are not. I mean, one would suspect, the men and women of these agencies got into this work for the purpose of being good guys, to do right things, to right wrongs, to protect people and to eliminate evil as far as possible in this country.

On the other hand, I have been involved in lengthy and expensive civil litigation on what are probably the same issues with a number of dishonest people who have financial and personal motives to lie about me. They are not interested in America, or truth. They are interested in themselves and their petty, selfish world.

These folks have apparently gone to the FBI and lied to them.

I do not know all the details about the investigation. I may be one or perhaps one of several being investigated. For all I know, my adversaries may be under investigation too.

But I look at it this way. Certain liars lied to the FBI. That in itself may be a crime. However, they have been lying about me for years in newspapers and in court and never won anything.

Now they have taken it out of their own hands and the hands of their attorneys, who at times acted disreputably, carrying their clients' lies into court without knowing or caring if it was the truth. Some lawyers will do that for money.

But I don't think the FBI and the IRS would lie for money. I could be wrong, but I don't believe you can hire them to lie.

My opponents in litigation, a crackpot group or rather two groups who apparently have joined together with one apparently very disreputable law firm, have lost some of their ability to lie with impunity.

Money can't buy them lies.

(The notoriety and wealth of some of my adversaries may bring a lot of attention to this humble column of mine as I report the matter in coming weeks. And may in time be a great boon to this newspaper, as people see and read that, contrary to what a lot of people believe, wealth cannot buy justice in America.)

Among the many lies the liars have said is that, because I ran a cash business for a while, I must have pocketed cash illegally. There are a lot of cash businesses in the world. Indeed, most retail businesses are. That does not make them illegal.

Wait until they find out that I ordered most of the cash to go from employees' hands right to busy ATM machines, where it went right into bank accounts, where every dime is accounted. The rest went straight to the bank.

They selectively forgot to mention that to the FBI, even though they had the bank records and monitored the cash on site with their own employees.

They want me to be made out a thief because they want to steal what is not theirs by right to possess. They want money they are not entitled to have, and a change of ownership interest in property they made a deal on once, when they were needy, and then reneged on that deal.

One of the liars said I defrauded them out of a lot of money, neglecting, of course, to give the FBI the true contract that proves the contract was breached by the liar who in fact defrauded me.

I am not going to name the liars right now, or get into their allegations. Anyone can look online and probably get a clue.

After being lied about for years, I am just thankful the lies are somewhat out of their hands now, and the million dollars spent in civil litigation, where they hired lawyers to lie for them, while I hired lawyers to tell the truth, and where overburdened judges -- who are not investigators -- had to listen to "he said, she said" is likelyÊover now.


Funny too, while I always paid my attorneys, the liars who accuse me left a trail of unpaid attorneys. They get attorneys to lie for them, by lying to their attorneys that they will pay them. The attorneys lie for them for a time, because they think they will make a lot of money, and then in the end they get stiffed.

This has happened perhaps a dozen times.

Later, I will probably name all the attorneys -- some of them quite prominent -- who got stiffed and had to take judgments or liens against the liars. But the liars just hire more attorneys, then pay them for a while and run up a bill, then fire them.

Now it is not in the hands of liar-attorneys.

The men and women in the organizations with the handsome letters can't be lied to much, because they are not being paid by liars. It may backfire on liars who have more illegal skeletons in their closets than anyone they ever accused.

They have for years abused the civil litigation system and lost.

Now they are trying to abuse the criminal justice side of the law with a combination of lies by commission and omission.

A lie of commission is when you intentionally say something untrue with the intention of deceiving someone. A lie of omission is when you intentionally withhold vital information with the intention of deceiving someone.

For example, telling an investigator about a verbal agreement, but not showing the written contract that actually spelled out the deal.

Or showing the judge only an early contract in a deal that was later modified in a manner that canceled the early contract -- but not showing the final contract.

In the end, I know I did admirable work for certain people, work that perhaps no one else could have done for them. Solved major problems they could not solve themselves or did not know enough to solve. Deals were made to get my services. After I solved the problems, and made their own investments worth millions more, then these liars did not like the deal anymore. They did not want to share or keep the original deal.

And they would tell any lie to get out of it.

Perhaps other men would back down against such an array of wealth and power, people who can spend millions to crush you. But I know they can't buy the truth.

It is the one and only thing in the world that cannot be bought.

I did such work for these liars that if it were fully known would accord me distinction. I only had the misfortune to deal with partners incapable of gratitude. Sometimes people with a lot of money or access to money are that way -- ungrateful.

Instead of gratitude, it has been their policy to try to avoid paying me, and to cheat me left and right, and defraud me, then call me the very names that so aptly fit themselves.

Now there is an investigation into their lies, and we will see who defrauded whom.

The investigation may very well turn on those who started it.

Unlike perhaps others who are investigated by the FBI and IRS, I am not fearful. I am almost thankful for it, if for no other reason than because the years of public lies by my opponents about me will be uncovered.

The investigators, I suspect, are just as interested in the truth as I am.



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