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Were tent expenses at the Holiday Market inflated?

Niagara Falls Repoerter

May 15, 2012

By Frank Parlato Jr.


Holiday Market Tents
No, it's not Occupy Wall Street. It's the $61,000 rented tents at the Holiday Market.
Holiday Market

In his report of expenses for the Holiday Market, Mark Rivers said he paid $61,000 for tent rentals.
 When questioned where he rented these, he said, he was unable to recall the name of the tent rental company, but said it was “the most reputable tent rental company in Western New York.”
 According to Reporter correspondent Johnny Helms there were “six or at most seven” tents he saw at the Market.
 The Reporter contacted one of the most reputable tent rental companies in the area, Custom Tent Rental of Lewiston.
 Although Custom Tent Rental did not rent tents to Mr. Rivers, the owner of the company, Scott Erwin gave us a quote of $11,480 for seven, premium 20 x 30 tents for 37 days (the length of the Market.)
 By our calculation, based on volume and duration, for $61,000, Mr. Rivers could have rented 37 tents had he rented them from Custom Tents.
 Who did he rent tents from? Did someone in the middle make a profit? The public needs to see the bill.


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